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Update #2 10-01-2022

Dear players,


In this Globera OTS update we included:

  • Added new 2 NPC, one on VIP Island for exchange Exp Doll's to smaller dolls, and other with mission located on west Blue City,
  • Added new item in game as a reward for complete the new mission with new NPC,
  • Added new hidden spawn with New Monsters located in Karmia Beach,
  • Fixed magic wall runes for players requests.



We remind you about our TeamSpeak3 server IP:

Update #1 22-12-2021

Dear players,


In this Globera OTS update, we're introducing the following amenities to make our server even better than it is, you can read below which new:

  • Added Shader Rune with Rainbow Shader to our store,
  • Added new command !softboots for VIP Access players,
  • Added command !outfit playerName for clone outfit colors of entered player,
  • Added option sell all itemName to NPC Soya for VIP Access players,
  • Fully reworked Paralyze Rune for players requests,
  • Added new Daily Tasks System, just use command !task for more info.



If you have any suggestions, let us know at our Forum.

House decoration winners! 16-12-2021

Dear players,


Thanks for participation in House Decoration Event! Below you can see the top 3 winners of this event!


  1. BongoKarmia House X
  2. Tuczuus - Enigma 24
  3. Yixe Dark MagicianBlue 17


Thank you and congratulations to the winners! The winter update is coming to the server soon, but more info coming soon!

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