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Command: Description:
!bless By buying a blessing, your equipment will not be removed during death (with the exception of the red skull) and your magic level will not be reduced. The one-time cost of the blessing is 10 crystal coins.
!pz Using this command you will find out how much time you have left before protection-zone entry locked reduction.
!frags This command shows the current number of unjustified kills, and the time until the penalty expires.
!share While you are at a party, using this command, the experience gained will be divided equally among the party members.
!exp Using this command shows the amount of experience remaining doubled after using any exp doll.
!mana This command shows how much mana you need to burn to reach the next magic level.
!buyhouse This command allows you to buy a house. To purchase a house, you must be at least level 200 and facing the house's front door.
!sellhouse This command allows you to sell your house. To sell a house, the buyer should face the front door.
!outfit This command clone outfit colors of selected player. Just type !outfit playerName for clone outfit colors where playerName is name of the character.
!softboots This command repair your worn soft boots. Cost for renew is 35 crystal coins. Need VIP Access for use.
!gems This command show you informations about gems, like used, total used etc.
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