2h 55m
100cc (15 points)
Money shot 100cc always useful. Best for start game.
Warlord Sword (95 points)
The best sword only for knights on server.
Blessed Shield (80 points)
The best shield on server. It gives protection all +4%.
Crystal Arrow (125 points)
The best arrow on the server that does not end.
Backpack (30 points)
This backpack has 36 slots and give +1% magic damage.
Clear Rune (20 points)
This rune removes your red skull and frags. Need red skull to use.
Soft Boots (75 points)
It regenerating mana/health points and give +2% magic damage.
Infinite Mana Rune (425 points)
Infinite mana rune will not end.
Exp Doll (30 points)
Exp doll doubles gain experience for 12h for players under 400 level.
Blood Herb (10 points)
3x blood herb. It is a house decoration.
Crystal Wand (175 points)
The best wand for Sorcerers and Druids with 5 squares range.
Mystery Box (40 points)
You can win any premium item from Globera OTS Shop.
Globera Coins (12 points)
9x Globera Coins. One coin adds 1 premium point.
Stone Skin Amulet (5 points)
100 charges for protects against any damage +10%. Need bless.
Sorcerer Spell Book (60 points)
Spell "Exeta Gran Mas Storm" for 7 days for players over 150 level.
Druid Spell Book (60 points)
Spell "Exeta Super Ball" for 7 days for players over 150 level.
Knight Spell Book (60 points)
Spell "Exeta Super Strike" for 7 days for players over 150 level.
Paladin Spell Book (60 points)
Spell "Exeta Super Flare" for 7 days for players over 150 level.
VIP Access (185 points)
Lifetime access to VIP Island with +10% bonus experience.
Exp Scroll (25 points)
It gives once 2,5 million experience points, for players above 100 level.
Leopard Armor (375 points)
The best armor in game for all vocations.
Dragon Scale Legs (125 points)
The best legs in game for Sorcerers, Druids and Paladins.
Shader Rune (515 points)
This rune adds you Rainbow Shader. Read more about perks here.
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