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Secret gems system

We've added a new NPC Vicar who needs your help to make his way to his hometown of Fortress located in Desert City, from which he was kicked out by prowling drwals he had a hard time with.

The drwals out there can be bribed with certain items that they want, so if you deliver those items to him, he'll reward you with secret gems that can give you extra health or mana points, depending on the type of secret gem.

Secret Red Gem  adds extra  +50  health points
Secret Blue Gem  adds extra  +50  mana points

Players without VIP Access can use a maximum of 30 secret gems, while VIP Access players can use 50 secret gems.

Here is the table of available usages of secret gems (with VIP Access):

Available usages of secret gems:
Vocation: Max usages of Secret Red Gems: Max usages of Secret Blue Gems:
Sorcerer 20 (+1000 health points) 50 (+2500 mana points)
Druid 20 (+1000 health points) 50 (+2500 mana points)
Paladin 25 (+1250 health points) 35 (+1750 mana points)
Knight 35 (+1750 health points) 40 (+2000 mana points)

This is your decision which gems you will use to upgrade your character.

For example: Your character with vocation Sorcerer can have +2400 extra mana points, but you used 48 of 50 total available gems. It means you can add only +100 extra mana or health points depends on your choice.

You can check informations about used or total available gems by command !gems.
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